How to Destroy the World

Okay, so if Viggo and the kid took the left fork ...The latest issue of NOW features my interview with Allen and Albert Hughes, whose post-apocalyptic action movie “The Book of Eli” opens tomorrow.

It’s nice to see them back in the game; it’s been nine years since their last feature, and I always enjoy watching them work, even when a given movie doesn’t quite catch fire. **hack cough “From Hell” snort hack**

Something that didn’t make it into the piece: I asked Albert if we’re ever likely to see a decent home-video release of “Dead Presidents”. The brothers just supervised a new Blu-ray edition of “Menace II Society”, so I was hoping there’d be news of similar treatment for their follow-up. (Disney released the DVD back in the early days of 4:3 widescreen masters, and it’s sorely in need of an upgrade.)

Nothing’s coming, he said. And he’s not too keen on revisiting the film: “It’s like looking at a picture of yourself in high school with pimples.”

Balls, I say. Come on, Disney! Bring on the 1080p/24 HD release! Hell, just imagine watching N’Bushe Wright’s face slip into darkness with no black crush. I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

“The Book of Eli” will look pretty good on Blu-ray, too. But you might want to catch it on the big screen.