How Could I Resist?

It keeps me from smoking, and craving sodiumWith “Cop Out” invading the megaplex, I had no choice but to dedicate this week’s MSN Movies gallery celebrates the specific magic that is the American buddy-cop movie.

Really, I’m just doing my part to keep fine folks like Billy Rosewood and Pep Streebeck off the ash-heap of history.

Yeah, you heard me. Pep F*cking Streebeck. That’s why “Rush Hour” didn’t make the list, incidentally; everything Chris Tucker tries to do in those movies, he owes to Mr. Tom Hanks and his delightful affectations.

One thought on “How Could I Resist?”

  1. Props for giving Tango & Cash, Running Scared and The Hidden some love. Honourable (for want of a better term) mentions for Freebie & the Bean and The Hard Way?

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