Hoping for a Little Peace

In a World … - starring Lake BellIt’s supposed to be cooler today. Calmer. Not as humid. The kind of night you want to spend at the waterfront watching a movie, maybe, and hoping no one else dies before the damn thing’s over.

I can help you with that! Tonight at Harbourfront I’ll be presenting Lake Bell’s terrific first feature In a World … at about 9pm. Come on down, forget about your troubles and watch one of the decade’s finest comic casts play out a romantic comedy with a brain as big as its heart. Also, prizes.

Oh, and do you need something to read today? Here’s NOW’s latest Top 5, an accounting of foodie films to which I contributed a few morsels  — oh, and MSN put up a buttload of my stuff last week, including conversations with Dom Hemingway‘s Richard Shepard, Twin Peaks veteran Kimmy Robertson, Noah creature fabricator Adrien Morot,  Rio 2 director Carlos Saldanha and Jodorowsky’s Dune  documentarian Frank Pavich.

Also, there’s this Q&A with the Muppets. Conducted over e-mail, but one of my favorite things this year just the same. Almost enough to make one believe in a good and just universe, really.

Let’s go with that, huh?

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