Strike a PoseIt’s been a rough month. And today was particularly bad, for a variety of reasons. (Let’s just say grandparents on morphine aren’t nearly as entertaining as Hollywood would have you believe.)

But then I came home, wandered over to Callaghan‘s blog, and found this: Two teaser trailers for Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s upcoming “Hot Fuzz”.

Pegg and Wright — along with invaluable sidekick Nick Frost — previously collaborated on the Channel 4 series “Spaced” and the brilliant feature film “Shaun of the Dead”, which I continue to believe was the best movie of 2004.

I love them and want to have their babies, and I cannot wait to see their new picture.

6 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. Hey Norman, glad you found that link to the Hot Fuzz trailers on my blog. I’m truly sorry to hear about your grandparents. I know how that feels.

    I’m with you on Shaun of the Dead….it was a fantastic film. Those guys make me proud to work in the business.

    I’ve been meaning to comment on here (I actually can’t remember if I already did) to say that I’ve always really enjoyed your work. The idiots at Starweek made a huge mistake by taking you off the back pages. Your video column was a highlight (and what’s-her-name who does it now leaves a lot to be desired).

    How did you stumble across my blog? Just curious. I make a point of checking yours fairly often.

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