Holiday Movie MADNESS!

I'm so glad Kirsten Dunst can't sing… well, okay, not really. This year sees only a handful of wannabe Thanksgiving blockbusters opening over the American long weekend, thanks to the careful positioning of such obvious challengers as “Fred Claus” and “Beowulf” earlier in the month.

Chris took the review of “August Rush” — you can read that here — so I’ve got the other two big openers of the day.

Enchanted“: A candy-colored Disney fantasia, yes, but a smart and thoroughly captivating one. Amy Adams and James Marsden should only play cartoons from this point on, really.

Hitman“: Another conceptually simple videogame becomes another crappy action movie. How bad is this? It actually makes “Doom” look engaging and thoughtful.

And I apologize to my American readers, but since “The Mist” isn’t opening here until Friday, I won’t be discussing it here until then. If you were thinking about going, well, um … uh … that’s nice.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Movie MADNESS!”

  1. I believe Driftwood is David Milch’s next project. The combined casts and characters of Deadwood and John From Cincinnati meander along the pacific coast collecting, you guessed it, driftwood. Oblique conversations, time travel, cool music and lots of sanding and polishing ensue.

  2. Aw, crap. Just checked the file, and I had it right in the first draft and everything.

    See, this is what happens when the first pass runs 200 words over length, and you cut out a whole introductory thing about how a movie would have been better if Vin Diesel had played the title role — perhaps the only time I’ll ever write that sentiment, by the way — and then you have to rework the opening and you’re on deadline and you make a really dumb mistake.

    “Driftwood”. Sheesh. Although it’s slightly less embarrassing than “Deadwoof”, which is another error I’ve made in the past, but caught before filing.

    I do like Nathan’s idea. I mean, I’d watch the pilot, at least.

  3. I’m starting to think that any optimism placed in the hope of a good video game movie is an easy way to get more than our recommended dosage of pain & disappointment. Hopefully the Max Payne movie will get somewhere…

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