Hills and Valleys

Amidst all the TIFFery — I think I watched my 35th movie last night —  there’s still, somehow, the regular commercial release schedule. Here are them what’s opening this weekend.

Before We Go: Chris Evans whiffs his first directorial effort, which is a shame because it’s such an insubstantial project that I can’t believe it was tricky.

Dragon Blade: Jackie Chan! John Cusack! Adrien Brody! Epic historical action! Andrew approves.

The Journey Home: Roger Spottiswoode’s generic tale of a boy and his polar bear cub played the Italian Contemporary Film Festival earlier this summer as Midnight Sun. Rad says poop is still poop by any other name.

Meru: With Universal’s Everest still two weeks away, perhaps you’d like to check out a non-3D, non-IMAX documentary about mountain climbers? Rad kinda liked it.

Mountain Men: Jose is okay on Cameron Labine’s latest, a sort-of survival comedy about two brothers (Tyler Labine and Chace Crawford) stranded in a snowstorm.

The Transporter Refueled: Andrew says what we’re all thinking: Really, why even make these movies without Statham.

A Walk in the Woods: Robert Redford pretends to be young enough for a mid-life crisis in this pointless adaptation of Bill Bryson’s lovely book. And yes, it opened Wednesday but my review didn’t run until yesterday.

Okay, that’s everything. More than six words per movie, even. Don’t say I never go the extra mile for you.

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