Hey, I Know that Mailbox …

All they did was offer him a TimbitWith “One Week” and “Pontypool” turning the lens of Canadian film back on Canada itself — the first being a travelogue of national landmarks, and the second being a more practical consideration of our nation as a wintry hellscape filled with cannibalistic maniacs — it seemed like a good time to do a Sympatico/MSN movie gallery about all the clumsy attempts to repurpose Canadian locations as American cities.

I’m sure you’ll come up with other examples, but I could only fit eight into the piece — and I didn’t want to keep it too Toronto-centric, so I had to leave out such gems as Norman Jewison’s “The Hurricane”.

Remember that one? With Dan Hedaya’s (non-existent) American cop threatening John Hannah and Deborah Kara Unger right in front of a Toronto Star box? Yeah, maybe it’s best that you don’t.

2 thoughts on “Hey, I Know that Mailbox …”

  1. Dian Fossey talking to Louis Leaky in the Ontario Science Centre (supposedly Berkley, I believe) at the opening of Gorillas in the Mist sort of took me out of the action.

  2. the movie underwhelmed me but that saturday morning intro was the most “perfect” thing on the internet i’ve seen in a while.

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