Here’s to the Losers

Ah, I don't want your stupid award anywayWith the box-office numbers not due until tomorrow, there’s very little of note on the entertainment front today except that, hey wow, it’s a week until the Oscars!

Anyway, in honor of the ceremony that I will only respect if “There Will Be Blood” wins every single award for which it is eligible, here’s this week’s Sympatico/MSN movies column; it’s a companion piece to last week’s worst-Oscars-ever article, listing ten Oscar losers that now stand out as the worthiest of the award-worthy.

And before anyone says anything, “All the President’s Men”, “All that Jazz” and “The Conversation” were numbers eleven, twelve and thirteen …

2 thoughts on “Here’s to the Losers”

  1. :ahem:
    Pulp Fiction loses to Forrest Gump!

    Or, if you’re not a Taratino fan, how about ANY OTHER MOVIE RELEASED IN 1994 loses to Forrest Gump?

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