Here We Go Again

This is pretty much the way he presents himselfTIFF just rolled out its last wave of titles, so I’m going over them with a fine-tooth comb, looking for last-minute surprises and revelations to highlight in a post for the NOW blog. (None so far, and we don’t seem to have “World’s Greatest Dad”, which bums me out.)

So I’ll just throw a bunch of interview links at you: Here I am talking to Eli Roth about his role in “Inlglourious Basterds”, and over here I talk to Peter Capaldi about “In the Loop” (and his role in the “Torchwood” miniseries), and then this is me talking to the directors of “The Boys: The Sherman Brothers’ Story”.

See? I’m busy already. It’s nothing compared to what’s coming, but it’s helping me build up some momentum.