“He has sublimated his erotic urges into a mad quest for coleslaw.”

Is someone talking about our ritualized interaction?I visit the geek-chic website io9 almost as often as The AV Club; it’s a great way to pass time while waiting for someone to reply to an e-mail, or to see how my fellow obsessive nerds are responding to “Tron: Legacy”.

Sometimes, though, they go above and beyond. A couple of years ago, Charlie Jane Anders wrote a brilliant straight-faced takedown of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, taking the extremely unlikely position that Michael Bay had intentionally created a Surrealist masterpiece … and this weekend, Cyriaque Lamar digs far deeper into “Yogi Bear” than Warner Bros. would prefer.

Check it out:

Yogi is “smarter than the average bear,” which implies that his intelligence is some form of mutation. To make matters stranger, Yogi and Boo Boo do not associate with other brown bears. When Yogi tries to give Ranger Smith dating advice, he suggests that Smith urinate on Rachel to mark his mate. Not only is this the first golden shower joke I’ve ever heard in a PG-rated film, it is also a tacit acknowledgement that Yogi is conversant in the bears’ ways.

Like the tagline says: Great things come in bears. And sometimes, great things come out of ridiculous taglines like “Great things come in bears”. Like this episode of the “Doug Loves Movies” podcast.

Just trust me.

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  1. Norm, I’m trying to track down the original source of the news story about the deleted footage from 2001 being found in a Kansas salt mine. All I can find are circular references from one blog quoting another blog quoting another blog quoting another blog, etc. One person claims that Trumbull revealed this news during the 2001 screening at the Lightbox. Were you there?

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