Have a Heart

This week on Someone Else’s Movie, I catch up to Montreal filmmaker Katherine Jerkovic, whom I’ve been angling to get on the podcast ever since I saw her excellent first feature Roads in February nearly a year ago, in the weeks before TIFF.

It wasn’t so simple, unfortunately — it  turns out making an award-winning movie complicates one’s availability — but we finally got to sit down at the Lightbox on Saturday evening, between her Roads introduction and the post-screening Q&A. The downside was that it was the most disgusting day of the year, and the HVAC units were blowing hard; I took the noise down as best I could, but I fear the sound quality isn’t the best on this one.

It’s worth enduring, though, because Katherine chose Claire Denis’ L’Intrus (The Intruder), the experiential 2004 drama-slash-meditation on corporeal mortality that may be the filmmaker’s masterwork. If you’re not familiar with the movie, maybe hold off on this one; it’s impossible to discuss without getting into the ending, and even though the film isn’t really plot-driven there are some things you probably don’t want to know.

But if you have seen L’Intrus, jump in! Subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play and Stitcher and get the episode instantly, or stream it on Spotify, or download it directly from the web. And be prepared to think about some stuff.

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