Happy Fun Fun Summer Time

I’ve got a busy day ahead, so it’s time for a round of six-word reviews! Wheee!

Chevalier: Six men adrift, measuring their dicks.

I Am the Blues: Musicians get old, musicians stay strong.

Into the Forest: A private apocalypse from Patricia Rozema. [Susan]

Lolo: Julie Delpy’s latest comedy goes sideways. [Rad]

Me Before You: Danerys and Finnick fall in love. [Glenn]

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping: The Lonely Island rockumentary we deserve.

The Steps: Worst film of TIFF 2015, period.

Tale of Tales: Matteo Garrone gets really. really weird. [Opens at The Royal on Sunday.]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows: Yup, they cranked out another one. [Rad]

The Wailing: Korean murder mystery, straight from Cannes.

The Waiting Room: Middle-aged frustration in East Toronto.

See? That wasn’t so hard. And now to get back to the three film festivals I’m writing about for next week …

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  1. And the I-hope-it-reaches-Netflix-eventually list gets longer again (The Wailing, after adding Love and Friendship last week). Being broke sucks!

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