Happy Birthday, Mole People!

Honest, there's a really good movie theatre in hereI know, I hardly ever post on weekends any more … what can I say? I do a lot of other stuff on weekends, and there’s always Twitter if you absolutely have to get inside my head at any given moment. But I’m breaking with tradition this weekend to let you know about the Toronto Underground Cinema’s first birthday.

I’ve been a fan of the place pretty much since they opened it — hey, it’s a great room programmed by enthusiastic, intelligent people, how could I not? — so it’s really my pleasure to alert people to tonight’s celebratory double-bill of “Clue” and “Jurassic Park”, presented free of charge to anyone who wants to wander down. (I expanded on this somewhat on the NOW site the other day.)

Can’t recommend this enough. And despite the mass of work I still have ahead of me today, I’m going to power through it so I can make “Jurassic Park” at 9 pm; it’s been way too long since I’ve seen that movie on a big screen … and given that that was almost two decades ago, I’m awfully curious to see it with a crowd that grew up watching it on video.