Guy Movie: The Movie

Machismo is where you find itMy latest Sympatico/MSN DVD column is up, taking a look at Paul Rudd and Jason Segel goofing around in “I Love You, Man”.

A caution: When I call it the “defining American comedy of [the] decade”, I’m not saying “best” or “most memorable” or “more important than ‘The Wicker Man’.” I’m just saying it captures the zeitgeist and stuff.

(“Shaun of the Dead” was a British movie, so don’t even start.)

Speaking of defining movies, I’ll be joining Erica Ehm down at Harbourfront tonight to introduce a screening of Jim Henson’s “Labyrinth“, a good old-fashioned puppet drug trip featuring Jennifer Connelly, David Bowie and everyone’s favorite shaggy minotaur, Ludo.

… okay, I’m not sure what it defines, exactly, except Henson’s enthusiasm for hand-crafted creature fun, but it’s definitely a movie of its time. It’s also the last entry in this summer’s Eighties-and-music Retro Reels series. If you’re in the area, why not wander down and check it out? Showtime’s at 9 pm; admission, as always, is free.

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