Gregg Araki Blows Up

I really liked you in 'Year One'This week’s NOW is on the stands, wherein you’ll find my interview with Gregg Araki, whose “Kaboom” serves as the fulcrum for a retrospective of his work at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. And if you think it seems a little early for an Araki retrospective, consider these two things: (1) He’s been making movies for almost a quarter of a century, and (2) anything that puts “Smiley Face” back on the big screen is worth it, so shut up, okay?

Also, I take a look at this year’s Sprockets festival and find a few interesting movies you will almost certainly never get the chance to see again. Oh, except for “Jitters”, which will get a commercial run in Toronto later this year, so feel free to skip that to see something else if you have a conflict.