Grand Ambitions

RalphFiennesLadiesGrandBudapestHotelHappy Friday, everyone! Will it really get back above freezing today, or is that a lie the meteorologists are telling us so we don’t go all Thunderdome on each other?

Well, if it doesn’t, at least we can go to the movies and pretend the light from the screen is giving us a nice tan …

Enemy: I still haven’t been able to see the damn thing, but John says Denis Villeneuve’s other Jake Gyllenhaal movie is the best Toronto picture since Cronenberg’s Crash.  Cool.

A Field in England: Ben Wheatley’s latest is pretty much unclassifiable beyond “period freakout”. But dear sweet lord, does it achieve its goals.

The Grand Budapest Hotel: A friend called this the most Wes Anderson movie Wes Anderson has ever Wes Andersoned. He’s not wrong … but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, either.

The Husband: John reviewed Bruce McDonald’s Euro-flavored character study at TIFF, so he had dibs on the NOW review … but we’re on the same page. Go see, is good.

Liv & Ingmar: Dheeraj Akolkar’s look at the personal and professional relationship of screen legends Liv Ullmann and Ingmar Bergman is necessarily one-sided, structured as it is around interviews with Ullmann. Couldn’t be helped, I guess.

Need for Speed: Rad is not impressed with Aaron Paul’s requirement of velocity, which sounds an awful lot like a Fast & Furious movie without the carefully developed narrative.

Stay: I have a feeling that Jose appreciates Wiebke von Carolsfield’s adaptation of Aislinn Hunter’s novel more than he actually enjoys it.

Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club: No press screening. No complaints.

Veronica Mars: Rob Thomas has made the first movie to explicitly build a joke around a DVD supplement — and that’s why his big-screen spinoff of his beloved cult series is so satisfying. If you loved the show, this will make you very happy indeed.

And that is everything, as far as I am aware. Have a good weekend! See something!

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