Good Ones

If he wears pants, they don't tip as wellHave you heard? “The Pink Panther 2” opens this Friday, and it’s probably going to make a whole lot of money. The last one did, after all.

To be fair, the new film offers a few improvements on its nigh-unwatchable predecessor. (We’ll discuss it further on Friday.) But even so, I prefer to remember Steve Martin as the comic genius he used to be, before he settled into his current rhythm of phoning in his movie performances so as to save his mind-grapes for his literary pursuits.

Anyway, here’s my Sympatico/MSN bonus gallery of great Martin performances. Feel free to take exception with any of them, but be warned: If you knock his snotty waiter in “The Muppet Movie”, I will have no choice but to cut you.

One thought on “Good Ones”

  1. “Do you want to smell the bottlecap?”

    My very first exposure to him. The still you posted reminded me of the hilarious fact that he’s wearing shorts; I love that every single aspect of that restaurant is incongruous.

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