Good Morning, World …

I'm not usually this pensive. Or this blue… you’re up early. Oh, wait, that’s me, dragging my semi-conscious ass out to Agincourt for a 9:15 am appearance on CTV News Channel, the better to get the drop on the “Avatar” phenomenon.

No need to rush to your TV sets, folks. Just pull up yesterday’s NOW Daily post on the very same subject — I guarantee I’ll be hitting the same points, mainly because I won’t be awake enough to think of new ones — and when they add the hit to the CTV online archive, I’ll post a link.

Oh, and here’s my latest MSN Movies gallery, examining how a few other directors followed their world-shaking smash hits. You know, because of “Titanic”.

… yeah, I’m still not awake.

One thought on “Good Morning, World …”

  1. The Passion of the Christ II: The Repassioning…awesome. I guess Gibson wouldn’t be able to call it Armegeddon, since there’s already been a movie called that, but imagine the tagline:

    Armegeddon…this time it’s personal.

    It would have received rapturous reviews from any Christian press. I wouldn’t have gone to see that one either, but the marketing would have been interesting to watch (which was kind of your beef about what’s currently being focussed on with Avatar).

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