Good Morning, Friday

Jack CastI’m on a plane to Las Vegas first thing today, so it’s time for another round of six-word-reviewery! (Besides, there’s like a dozen movies opening this weekend. Who has time for complexity?)

California Solo: Regrets? Robert Carlyle has a few. [Susan]

Charlie Zone: Halifax crime drama shows promise, eh?

Future Weather: Climate changed, innocence lost. American indie. [Rad]

The Gatekeepers: Who watches the Israeli watchmen? Umm … [John]

Jack the Giant Slayer: Very silly, kinda cheesy, ultimately charming.

The Last Exorcism Part II: Oops, the Devil did it again. [no press screening]

Lost Rivers: Insightful urban-planning documentary. And pretty.

Of Two Minds: Bipolar disorder. Take a closer look. [Rad]

Stoker: Good luck remaking Hitchcock there, dudes.

21 and Over: Liked The Hangover and Project X, didja? [embargoed]

There, that’s everything. Oh, except for The Bitter Buddha, a pretty good documentary about Eddie Pepitone’s middle-aged rise to comic prominence screening Saturday and Sunday at the Bloor — and Pepitone’s coming in for a Q&A at Saturday’s screening. I’d be there if not for this Vegas trip, so tell him I say hi.

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