Go Green

Sometimes, a little whimsy is okayNeed something to do on a quiet Sunday? In this week’s NOW online column, I tactfully reminds everyone that the very first Toronto Irish Film Festival is happening tomorrow afternoon at the Lightbox. It’s just two movies, and one of them isn’t very good, but the one that is? It’s terrific.

That’d be “The Secret of Kells”, an Irish co-production which was catapulted into the spotlight last year when it landed an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature. It lost to “Up”, which derailed any chance of a domestic theatrical release; I think it played a single night at the Toronto Underground Cinema before Mongrel rolled out the DVD.

This is, as they say, a crying shame; “The Secret of Kells” is a gorgeous movie, bustling with intriguing themes and populated with beautifully realized characters, one of whom is voiced rather wonderfully by Brendan Gleeson.

It screens at 12:30 pm Sunday. Have you seen it? Well, you should.