Go Forth and Be Cultured

The magic of the cinema can take you anywhere!How has it been, after the festival? Are you waiting for someone to throw wide the doors of cinema and invite you to roll around amongst the celluloid like Scrooge McDuck in his money vault?

Well, you’re in luck; thanks to the national celebration of the fine arts that is Culture Days this weekend, Torontonians have access to all manner of wonderful cinema down at the spanking-new Lightbox. Today, for example, they’re holding free screenings of Charlie Chaplin’s “City Lights” at 2 pm and Chris Marker’s still-brilliant “La Jetee” at 4:30 pm; tomorrow, it’s multiple screenings of Buster Keaton’s “Sherlock Jr.” with live musical accompaniment.

If you weren’t able to check out the Lightbox during any of those free TIFF screenings, this is another excellent reason to wander down. And then, if you’re so inclined, you might want to buy a ticket to “Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives” or “A Film Unfinished“, because those are entirely worth your while as well.

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