Fun with Dread

About this time last year, I did a gallery for MSN Movies about the ten least promising films of 2011. It did really well for the site, so here’s my 2012 list. Yes, that Katherine Heigl bounty-hunter movie is on both of them. I have to go with what’s available.

That said, with “The Devil Inside” on track to have the biggest opening weekend for a non-sequel property* in months despite near-record levels of negativity from both critics and audiences, maybe I should have made room for it on the list. Guess there’s always next year’s sequel … unless they rush it ┬áinto theatres for Halloween 2012. I mean, these things obviously don’t take any time to make.





* see what I did there?

4 thoughts on “Fun with Dread”

  1. Devil Inside was promoted to hell on genre sites with obnoxious ads, auto-play trailers, and banners that exploded to fill one’s desktop, but two friends who caught it opening night with a full audience found it to be one of the worst things they’ve ever seen. The ending is non-existent, and when the teasing caption appeared prior to the End Credits, the whole audience groaned, feeling well-cheated. One quipped, ‘Did they not pay attention to test audience reactions?’

    – MRH

  2. I saw Butter at TIFF. It may not be a great movie, but it’s certainly not a terrible one either. The movie is patterned as an unofficial sequel to Alexander Payne’s Election. You know, what happens to a Type-A overachiever like Tracy Flick after she grows up? It’s not as sharp or biting as Election, and unfortunately turns kind of treacly in the end, but it’s amusing enough and the cast is game. (Olivia Wilde is very funny in a supporting role.)

    I don’t recall much negativity from the screening, either. Perhaps it was deemed too mainstream and not serious enough for festival competition. Whatever. It’s far from the worst movie I saw at TIFF last year.

  3. While I do appreciate your opinions, I must say that this should be relabeled as the A Man’s Guide To The Worst Movies of 2012. I am looking forward to both One For The Money and The Vow, but being those are both Chick Flicks, I wouldn’t expect you to enjoy them.

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