Found: One Awfully Nice Dog

Someone is missing this guy.I don’t often blog on Sundays any more; it’s not a religious thing, more of a too-busy-to-post thing. But the little guy in the picture compels me to make an exception.

He turned up in a neighbor’s yard sometime Friday afternoon, and he clearly comes from somewhere — he’s too well cared for to be a stray. We don’t think he’s from around here; none of the building’s dog owners have encountered him in their travels, and as someone who will stop and pet almost anything on four legs, if I’ve never said hello to him before, he’s not local.

If you do know him, please leave a note (and a contact address) in the comments below. He’s got some fresh gashes on his tail and a wobble to his rear legs that suggests he got knocked around by something — a motorcycle, maybe, or possibly a bicycle — on his way here. He’s very sweet, and he’s safe and comfortable, but I’m also sure he’d much rather be with his own people if that’s at all possible.

I’ve put the word out via Facebook and Twitter as well, but I figure I ought to try every means available, right?

5 thoughts on “Found: One Awfully Nice Dog”

  1. More seriously, you might want to take him to a vet or shelter to see if he has been micro-chipped – although you probably thought of that already.

  2. @ Kirsten — yep, the neighbour with whom he’s staying took him to an emergency vet on Saturday, where he was checked for a chip; no luck.

    I now realize that my post didn’t specify that he’s not staying with us, though it’s looking like he’ll be spending at least a little time in our yard this week …

  3. Students at my dog training school gave me the flyers you prepared for this dog so I hung them up. I had seen the craigslist post too earlier. I noticed the post is deleted now? Has his owners been found or did you or your friends decide to keep him?

  4. @ Andre — Sorry it took so long to see your comment; apparently my blog’s notification system really hates me. Thanks very much for putting up the flyers; no one’s come forward to claim him, so we’ve decided to keep him. It’s working out pretty well so far.

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