Fluff and Nonsense

So I went to Los Angeles last weekend, and one of the things I did there was attend the press junket for “New Year’s Eve”. As a result, open up this week’s NOW and you’ll find Michelle Pfeiffer and Zac Efron discussing their curious on-screen relationship, with additional audio of Lea Michele and Hilary Swank getting all giggly about their work for veteran director Garry Marshall.

I also offer something slightly more substantial in an interview with Jonathan Lee, whose documentary “Paul Goodman Changed My Life” also opens this weekend. It will be lucky to attract one percent of the audience of “New Year’s Eve”, but those who see it will definitely take more away from the experience.

Oh, and if you’re curious about my take on this year’s Canada’s Top Ten, wonder no more! Because, you know, it’s on the record.

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