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This week on Someone Else’s Movie, my guest is actor Tammy Gillis, who stars in the indie drama Menorca, which opened in Toronto last week. I have some issues with the film but her performance isn’t one of them, and it was a pleasure to sit down with her for the show.

Tammy picked Bridesmaids, the blockbuster that vaulted Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy to the A-list (and the Oscar ballot) and demonstrated that, duh, funny movies that showcase funny women have no trouble drawing an audience. Although I’m sure there are a dozen studio executives willing to explain how the Ghostbusters remake proves this was a non-repeatable phenomenon.

Anyway, we get into all that. Give it a listen! Subscribe on iTunesGoogle Play oStitcher, or download it straight from the site. And enjoy!

One thought on “Find Your Squad”

  1. There’s no funny popups when I hover over the pictures! 🙁

    Bridesmaids, of course, rules. And speaking as someone who enjoyed Ghostbusters 2016, I really feel the only thing holding it back from greater success was that it couldn’t go full R-rated like Bridesmaids & Spy could. (Oh, and the rampant misogyny in our society. That too. But of course that’s a standard disclaimer for 2016… and before… and since… **sigh**)

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