Filling the Void

As always happens the week after TIFF ends, there’s a flood of fall movies clamoring for your attention at the megaplex. Some of them come straight from the festival; others are just seeing an opportunity and going for it. The result? Chaos, and an excuse for the six-word game.

Battle of the Sexes: Carell! Stone! Riseborough! Tennis! It’s fine.

Beach Rats: Closeted in Brooklyn, longing for understanding.

Big Bear: Bachelor party with a hostage! Brah!

Brad’s Status: Hasn’t Ben Stiller done this before?

Friend Request: Not screened for press. Facebook monster?

Kingsman: The Golden Circle: The second one is dumber and noisier.

The Last Dalai Lama?: Religious figurehead considers his succession plan.

The Lego Ninjago Movie: I don’t know what Ninjago is. [Rad]

Let There Be Light: A very human documentary about scientists.

Rat Film: Baltimore’s rodent problem has deep roots.¬† [Kevin]

Stronger: Well, it’s better than¬†Patriots Day.

The Time of Their Lives: Joan Collins! Pauline Collins! Road trip!

Trophy: Big game hunting doc. Seems grim,

There we go. Oh, and if you’re in Toronto come down to the NOW tent at Word on the Street between 1 and 2 pm on Sunday. I’ll be there! Probably sweating!

2 thoughts on “Filling the Void”

  1. If having the princess still with Eggsy was intended to fix the first film’s ugliest joke, I think whoever came up with the idea fell flat again just on the concept. Wow…he got to “keep” the “prize” he “won” in the first movie. There’s so much to parody in the Bond films without endorsing the cringe-worthy sexism.

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