Fifteen Oscar Observations

Hey, look! I'm Joe Pesci!Sorry for the late post, but I spent the morning on deadline. But now that I’m done …

1. Did anyone else get all nervous when “Little Miss Sunshine” won Best Original Screenplay, thinking that meant it was on the fast track for Best Picture?

2. Did anyone else secretly delight in the kicking of “Babel” to the curb? That, and the slow loss of “Dreamgirls” momentum over the last month or so, seems to suggest that one can no longer declare oneself an Oscar lock if one hasn’t, you know, made a good movie.

3. Shadow puppets, huh? Yeah … yeah, that’s awesome.

4. Best Live-Action Short. If ever anyone needed proof that the Academy can, occasionally, be played like a doddering grandmother … I mean, well, duh.

5. Bald Nicholson. Look, I know he’s playing a cancer patient in a Rob Reiner movie, but someone should have said something, just to reassure the 999,999,726 viewers who might not. Although the revelation that Rob Reiner is making a movie about cancer patients isn’t exactly reassuring, is it?

6. Taylor Hackford keeps touching Helen Mirren, as if to steal some of her Oscar inevitability. Dude, you made “The Devil’s Advocate”. It’s never going to happen.

7. “The Lives of Others” wins Best Foreign-Language Film. I love “Pan’s Labyrinth”, but this one’s pretty great, too. And with three other wins, Guillermo’s movie is obviously feeling the love. More money for “Hellboy 2“!

8. Hey, hang on … so Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck is German by way of Detroit?

9. Martin Scorsese tearing up at Thelma Schoonmaker’s win for editing “The Departed” was the most honest moment of the night. Although Forest Whitaker came awfully close.

10. The Al Gore movie wins Best Documentary Feature! Davis Guggenheim looks like he’s about to break down weeping; apparently he was the only one who didn’t know this was an inevitability.

11. Note to George Lucas: There are some things you can’t fix in post. Live comedy is pretty high on the list.

12: Martin Scorsese wins Best Director, making George Lucas the only one of the group who doesn’t have a directing Oscar. I wonder how John Milius, Brian de Palma and Willard Huyck are feeling right about now.

13. Diane Keaton is out of her fracking mind. Was Nicholson taking two safety steps back?

14. “The Departed” wins Best Picture. And all is right with the world.

15. Wanna see a movie that has absolutely no chance of winning an Oscar, ever? Catch “Reno 911!: Miami“. It’s funny, and if it’s successful then maybe someone will let them make a “Viva Variety!” feature.

… yeah, that’s never gonna happen. But maybe this will help get the show released on DVD.

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