Evidently, They Also Said They’d Be Back

Gun ... much heavier ... than it used to be ...With most of MSN’s entertainment pages devoted to “Scott Pilgrim” — and rightly so, dammit — it fell to me to come up with a little counterprogramming. So this week’s movie gallery uses “The Expendables” as its launching pad, looking at eight other attempts to relaunch a character, concept or franchise for a new audience.

Yeah, Stallone turns up in a couple of ’em. Reinvention is kind of his thing lately.

Also, if you find yourself near a television set this afternoon, flip on CTV News Channel to catch me talking about “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” under what I hope will be a thick layer of makeup. I’ve caught some sun this week. I’m currently set to go on at 3:15, but check my Twitter feed for any last-minute changes. See you there!

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