Everything Old is … Still Kinda Old, Actually

Oh, shut the hell up about the ChiantiOh, Friday. How I love you, with your relaxing lack of deadlines, because I spent all of Thursday working to meet them …

Factory Girl“: Sienna Miller is Edie Sedgwick, and Guy Pearce her pale little artist friend, and George Hickenlooper is out of his depth as a filmmaker. The sets and costumes are great, but nothing happens inside that perfectly re-created frame; it’s less a movie than a series of mod dresses strung out on a clothesline.

Hannibal Rising“: Just weeks after “Perfume”, here’s another movie built about an intense, thin European fellow who has the unfortunate habit of killing people. At least this one is well-groomed. It’s entirely unnecessary from start to finish, but you know it’ll open at number one. How critic-proof is it? Read this.

The Lives of Others“: After months of raves on the festival circuit, and that much-deserved Oscar nomination Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s excellent, excellent movie finally gets the chance to make a little money. And the first person who says he doesn’t like subtitles gets a smack in the mouth.

Norbit“: Monstrous fat women, simpering weak men and elderly, obnoxious Chinese caricatures: This is what Eddie Murphy thinks is funny. It’ll probably make a fortune, but in a just and decent world, it would be chased out of theaters by angry mobs.

Sk8 Life“: Local director S. Wyeth Clarkson (“Deadend.com”) makes another run at quasi-verite digital introspection, this time among some skate punks in Vancouver. The camerawork is pretty good. The acting? Not so much.

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