Everything is Illuminated

Note the Phantom of the Opera logo in the upper right corner. HE'LL BE BACK!Sure, its unveiling was a highlight of TIFF, but today the Lightbox comes into its own as a movie theatre, juggling first-run engagements, revivals and Cinematheque programming on five screens. (I may even be there as you read this, attending a press screening. Weird, huh?)

To make itself even more specialer, the Lightbox will be opening films on Thursdays, rather than the traditional Fridays. And the first wave of titles is pretty impressive, with Yael Hersonski’s “A Film Unfinished” and Apichatpong Weerasthethakul’s “Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives” lining up next to Xavier Dolan’s “Heartbeats“, about which I am considerably less enthused.

We devote a considerable chunk of NOW’s film section to the Lightbox stuff, including my interview with Apichatpong. You might want to take a look. And go see “Uncle Boonmee”, because it’s quite wonderful.

Oh, I’ve also got an interview with Mark Romanek, the director of “Never Let Me Go”, up on the NOW site this week. But that movie isn’t opening at the Lightbox, so factor that in accordingly.