“Evan” Enfeebled

Do you feel snubbed? I feel snubbedSo, yeah, “Evan Almighty” came in at number one over the weekend, but its $32.1 million gross can only be read as disappointing given the high scores set over the last few weeks by certain other megasequels, and the sheer volume of hype that preceded this particular picture.


Not that I’m rejoicing in any potential tarnishment to Steve Carell’s still-rising star, but the fact that audiences found something better to do with their time than see this terrible, terrible film is cheering to me. It’s not so great that so many of them evidently went to see “1408” instead, but what are you gonna do.

For lack of anything else that’s interesting or new, I suggest you check out Jay Pinkerton’s ranking of The Best Movie Batmans over at Cracked.com — it’s turning out to be a pretty entertaining site, like the bratty kid brother of The Onion AV Club.

Incidentally, David Campbell, proprietor of the engaging comics blog Dave’s Long Box, is another of Cracked’s contributors; his latest is a consideration of The Seven Most Underrated Movie Henchmen, and he makes some interesting choices.