Ephemera, in 140 Characters or Less

A rare moment of creative disagreementI am on Twitter. Specifically, here. I’d been posting to the @nowfilm account since TIFF last fall, but earlier this week I realized I should probably set up a personal account. The “Canadian celebrity trifecta” stuff seems more comfortable under my own name, where people can see it’s all happening to one guy instead of a collective corporate account.

So now I’m on Twitter. As if I didn’t already have enough ways to procrastinate.

In more important news, today marks the 20th anniversary of Jim Henson’s untimely death. I mention this because the Toronto Underground Cinema is honoring his memory tonight with a double-bill of “The Muppets Take Manhattan” and “Labyrinth”, screening in glorious 35mm.

(Well, maybe not “glorious”, since there’s no way quarter-century-old print of “Labyrinth” will compare to the restored Blu-ray disc, but they’ll still look pretty good.)

Now, I introduced a screening of “Labyrinth” last summer at Harbourfront Centre, and the love for that minor cult movie was kinda scary … I can only imagine what an actual Muppet movie will generate.

Jim Henson’s been gone for twenty years. A whole generation has grown up with an impostor Kermit. Jesus felted Christ, I feel old.