Emergency Power!

I will eat your face and lock you in my basement, but with tendernessA transformer blew out in our building yesterday afternoon, leaving us without power, light or the interwebs, forcing me to read by candlelight like some kind of cave dweller.

(I am not a complete Neanderthal; it was the New York Times Sunday magazine.)

Anyway, Kate and I have taken our laptops to the coffee shop around the corner. Today’s movie rundown will therefore be very brief.

Fugitive Pieces“: Somber. Dull. Kinda pretentious. Everyone else is being really nice about it, but I can’t get on that train.

Iron Man“: Fun. Charming. Robert Downey Jr. rules, and Gwyneth Paltrow is his queen. Also, this gets major points for being the first movie to acknowledge the existence of casual sex in the Marvel universe.

Made of Honor“: Sucks. Sucks. Sucks. The only thing that could save this atrocious romantic comedy (which is neither romantic nor comic; discuss) would be a scene in which Michelle Monaghan catches Patrick Dempsey feeding cats to an ATM, revealing that he really is the soulless monster he appears to be.

Standard Operating Procedure“: Grim. Powerful. Essential. See previous post.

One thought on “Emergency Power!”

  1. That cat feeding thing does sound more cruel than Julia Roberts making Cameron Diaz sing karioke. Don Johnson’s character in Tin Cup was succinctly summed up by him being nasty to a kid, an old person, and a dog in 30 seconds. Sometimes shorthand like that saves a lot of time.

    And…another great sounding movie at the Cumberland. I must get downtown sometime.

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