Electric Sheep, Dreaming

It’s always like this after TIFF. You think you can catch your breath, but a dozen movies open every week and only some of them were at the festival. Here we go again …

Bad Grandmas: Pam Grier! Florence Henderson! Judge Reinhold?

Blade Runner 2049: Gorgeous, thoughtful, moody,  a little long.

Great Great Great: Sarah Kolasky owns this movie. Seriously.

Losing Our Religion: Documentary. It’s on CBC next week.

Loving Vincent: Van Gogh’s art speaks for itself. [Rad]

Lucky: Rest in power, Harry Dean Stanton.

The Mountain Between Us: Elba! Winslet! Get a better script!

My Little Pony: The Movie: Wait, Emily Blunt is in this?

Rebel in the Rye: J.D. Salinger would call this phony.

School Life: Educational documentary, aka In Loco Parentis.

Unarmed Verses: Knockout Toronto documentary from Charles Officer. [Rad]

Oh, and the 2017 edition of Cinefranco starts up at the Carlton tonight; I wrote a web piece about it, and I’ll add the link as soon as it goes live. Stand by!

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