Dumber. Always Dumber.

dumb-dumber-to-trailerPeople don’t learn. That’s the only explanation I can offer for the triumph of Dumb & Dumber To over the weekend — or, in a maybe-more-palatable configuration, a lot of children have grown up with Harry and Lloyd on cable, and now they’re ready to check them out on the big screen.

But yeah, the Farrelly brothers’ return to glory topped the weekend box office, grossing $38 million despite largely negative reviews … though it’s heartening that last week’s champion, Big Hero 6, was right on its heels with $36 million. Interstellar took third with a respectable $29.1 million; Beyond the Lights placed a distant fourth with $6.5 million.

Is there a lesson here? Probably not, other than “Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are somehow still box-office gold”. Although in that case, I’ve finally figured out how to get people to watch a Sleuth remake.

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