Drunken Masters

... wait, HOW much?Surprising no one in particular, “The Hangover Part II” had a really good weekend — though the scale of its success surprised even the industry. The buddy sequel led the box office to its biggest Memorial Day weekend ever, with an estimated five-day total of $138.1 million — the strongest opening for a comedy, and for any R-rated film.

No slouch itself, “Kung Fu Panda 2” pulled in an estimated $68.2 million in the same window, which would seem to guarantee that Jeffrey Katzenberg green-lights the other four movies in the saga of the Dragon Warrior. And Bradley Cooper seemed pretty confident that there’d be a third “Hangover” movie when we talked the other week, so I guess that’s happening.

Personally, I’m kinda hoping for a crossover. Something tells me Mr. Chow would be right at home in a mystical land of talking animals.