Double Duty

It’s Friday, and I’m talking about movies on two podcasts today. Weird when that happens, huh?

In the latest episode of NOW What, I talk to an exhausted Adam Benzine about making and releasing his pandemic documentary The Curve — which I reviewed here — and over at The Big Story, I tell Jordan Heath-Rawlings why Hollywood won’t be releasing its big 2020 blockbusters any time soon. Give ’em a listen! They’re educational!

And then maybe check out this week’s NOW What to Watch column, where I review The Craft: LegacyHis House, Spell, Truth Seekers, the Criterion edition of Parasite and, um, Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President.

I also just filed a piece on the return of The Mandalorian, and over at the Georgia Straight you can find my review of Come Play, which is hot garbage.

The things I do for you people, seriously,

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