Doing the Circuit

A great, cranky manYesterday was a newsy kind of day, starting with TIFF’s opening press conference and ending with me discussing the legacy of Maury Chaykin outside the former CHUM-City building on Queen West. Well, actually it ended with me seeing one of the most inexplicable major-studio releases of the year, but that’s  story for another day.

So, to break it down: Here’s my take on the TIFF presser for the NOW Daily, and here’s my quick-turnaround memoriam for Chaykin, and here’s my CTV News Channel hit about Chaykin. (A quote from that interview ended up in Sympatico’s obit later that evening — corporate synergy is indeed a powerful force.) And if I got the next link right, you should be able to see me pop up in a Global Toronto news item about TIFF’s lineup.

And looking forward, if you’re in downtown Toronto this evening and want to catch some great world cinema, come on down to Harbourfront for a free 9pm screening of Wong Kar-wai’s “In the Mood for Love“, this week’s entry in the Free Flicks series. It’s a weird choice for an open-air screening, which might make for a really unique experience. And who doesn’t want to have unique experiences?