Remember when they were serious actors? Briefly, sure, but still.So I covered the MTV Movie Awards for MSN Canada last night, but forgot to give all you blog readers a heads-up because I spent the whole day struggling with a laptop BIOS issue and … um … forgot. I did tweet about it, though.

Sorry. I suck. But you can catch up to the coverage here. Kinda kills the immediacy, I know, but at least now you’ll know who the winners were.

And in other news, the “Shrek” fourquel held on to the top spot at the box office for the third straight week, grossing $25.3 million. Which was considerably more than any of the week’s new releases earned —
“Get Him to the Greek” placed a distant second with $17.4 million, and “Killers” third with $16.1 million. “Marmaduke”, the only other kid-friendly challenger, pulled $11.3 million to take sixth place; “Splice”, which is definitely not for the young’uns, earned $7.5 million to place eighth.

The good news? With a cumulative gross of $183 million, “Shrek Forever After” looks less and less like a disappointment for DreamWorks Animation. The bad news? General box-office is way, way down. Maybe everyone just spent the weekend at home, loading up on vodka and Vicodin to suitably numb themselves for the Tom Cruise fat-suit danceathon.

Lord knows I wish I had.

4 thoughts on “Distractions”

  1. Is that Nicole he’s dancing with? Are they suddenly friendly again?

    Must admit, I thought that was Jeremy Piven sans hairplugs, at first.

  2. It’s an unrecognizable Jennifer Lopez — made more so because she was introduced behind a screen for the first 30 seconds or so, her voice sweetened and overproduced into anonymity. I thought she was Beyonce for another minute after her introduction …

  3. OK, glad it wasn’t just me. I was looking at your picture and struggling to figure out who the hell either of those people were.

  4. @ Josh — you’re certainly not alone. Lopez looks like a young Julianne Moore in that photo, doesn’t she? Young Moore and fat, bald Cruise — that’d be the weirdest “Magnolia” reunion ever.

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