“Die Hard” with a Verbiage

Is that guy on a bus?Writing for Metro, I’ve trained myself to work at a certain word limit — 300 words, 350 at the most.

If a piece goes over, I pare it back to the appropriate length, usually by ripping out all my favorite lines, which often get folded into my posts here.

Therefore, I am loving the new Sympatico/MSN gig, which allows me the freedom to riff at length. And sometimes I get a little carried away.

For example I didn’t intend to write 2600 words about the various “Die Hard” clones … it just sort of happened, you know?

But now that it’s out there, you might as well enjoy it …

2 thoughts on ““Die Hard” with a Verbiage”

  1. Regarding Under Siege, I have watched the entire movie several times and not once did I see a nuclear submarine. Come on, a battleship really does not look that much like a submarine, does it???

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