Denzel, Then And Now

Yesterday morning, TIFF launched its 2016 festival by announcing a crapload of movies, including its opening night gala The Magnificent Seven.

Denzel Washington is in that, looking all easygoing and macho, and that’s great, because (a) he’s an actor who’s much more charismatic when he allows himself to have fun and (b) I just so happen to be screening one of his earlier, funny films, The Mighty Quinn, as tonight’s free flick at Harbourfront!

So come down to the lake, around 8:45ish, for a raffish tale of good cops, goofy criminals and sexy, sexy Denzel Washington. You’ll laugh, you’ll sigh, you’ll think “Robert Townsend never really got his due, did he?”

I mean, that’s how I’ll be handling it.

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