Dawn of the Running Dead

It's a Danny Boyle project; of course there's runningSimon Pegg, star and co-writer of my beloved “Shaun of the Dead”, and all-around fine person, has written a lovely essay on the incongruity of the running zombie, and why the dead should shamble rather than sprint.

I don’t know how I managed to miss this when it ran in the Guardian last November — I actually have people for this sort of thing — but with “Zombieland” still tearing around the megaplex, it’s still quite relevant.

And no, I still haven’t seen “Dead Set” yet. It’s downstairs by the projector, waiting to be watched, but some part of me is waiting for a Blu-ray release.

Yes, I have people for that, too …

One thought on “Dawn of the Running Dead”

  1. I found Dead Set to be a bit of a wasted opportunity. A really interesting set up with poor execution. Curious to know your thoughts

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