David Schwimmer is a Very Clever Artist, Yes He Is

Also, directing a movie in London is a lot like climbing K2The Onion AV Club has just posted an interview with the director of “Run Fatboy Run”, which opens in North America on Friday.

I love it when they let their subjects go on at length about integrity and creativity and resourcefulness, especially when they’re discussing the staggering cinematic accomplishment that is “Run Fatboy Run”.

Actual quote:

“There’s a scene in the movie at the boat pond; Thandie and Simon are sitting on a park bench. The beginning of that day was beautiful, and by the time we get to the scene where they’re on the bench, it’s actually raining behind them. But we built a little canopy over the actors, and he lit it in such a way and we cut it in such a way that you hopefully can’t tell. If you look really closely and froze in on it in slow motion or whatever, you’ll see that it’s raining behind them.”

Or, you know, if you see it projected in 35mm on a big screen.

Did you know? Movies are magic!