Data Dump

Is it weird that I use this blog to post links to things about which I’ve already tweeted in that little box to the right? Maybe, a little. But it feels more permanent, somehow.

So here’s a link to this week’s MSN DVD column, in which I manage to find common ground between Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color and Andy Muschietti’s Mama … and while I’m at it, here are my MSN Movies interviews with The Guilt Trip director Anne Fletcher and Jack Reacher co-star Alexia Fast, whom you’ll also be seeing in Blackbird this week.

Enjoy! More stuff soon!

One thought on “Data Dump”

  1. I’ve seen Shatner’s The Captains on TV, and while a couple of the former starship captains look like they’d be interesting (Patrick Stewart) or fun (Scott Bakula) to hang out with, Avery Brooks looks like he treats conversation as an exercise in improvisational jazz. Bizarre.

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