Danny Boyle Owns This Day

Head shown actual sizeWell, that was lovely:– “Slumdog Millionaire” owned the Golden Globes last night, paving the way for some possible love from the Oscars.

Now, I fear the Academy will wuss out and go with something tonier — “The Reader” or “Revolutionary Road”, maybe — but hey, they had this one night, like Kate and Leo in “Titanic”, and even better, nobody drowned or froze to death.

Also, how awesome was it to watch “30 Rock” set ’em up and knock ’em down for the first half of the night, culminating in Tracy Jordan Morgan’s extemporaneous awesomeness? Suck it, Cate Blanchett. Suck it, indeed.

Here’s my Sympatico/MSN Golden Globes gallery, in case you had trouble finding it last night. I’d also post a link to my review of “The Unborn”, but it’s still not up at the NOW site. Kinda annoying, really.

Oh, and in truly freaky news: “Gran Torino” went wide over the weekend and pulled in $29 million. Holy flying crap. It’s Eastwood’s biggest opening since “Space Cowboys”, and there’s something clever to be said about audiences responding most enthusiastically to his worst ideas, except that “Space Cowboys” was actually pretty decent and “Gran Torino” is inept to the point of incompetence. Does anyone remember how much “Blood Work” made in its first weekend? Because that one was awful.

4 thoughts on “Danny Boyle Owns This Day”

  1. Space Cowboys? Really?
    Danny Boyle deserved this for his entire interesting and entertaining body of work.
    And Tracy Morgan was great..too bad he didn’t give a shout out to Dr. Spaceman.

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