Daniel Day-Lewis Is Going to Drink the Hell Out of Your Milkshake

Did someone mention a dairy product?There are only three movies opening today, and only one of them, “One Missed Call”, is opening nationally.

I’ll be seeing that this afternoon. Ain’t expecting much. But the other two movies, well, they’re worth a few hundred words:

There Will Be Blood“: If “Hard Eight” was his Mamet movie, “Boogie Nights” was his Scorsese film, “Magnolia” his Altman opus and “Punch-Drunk Love” his own brilliant expression of romantic turmoil, “There Will Be Blood” is Paul Thomas Anderson’s Kubrick movie — a work of intentional emotional distance and magnificent technical control that still thrills you to the depths of your soul. It’s 2008, so I feel safe calling this one of the best films of the decade. Also, Daniel Day-Lewis is pretty good in it.

Youth without Youth“: Francis Ford Coppola’s self-financed disaster — yup, another one — is one of those specifically terrible movies that could only have been made by the person who made it, a naked attempt at artistic re-invention (or resurrection) that is batshit crazy in entirely the wrong way. Poor Tim Roth. Poor Alexandra Maria Lara. Poor you, if you get stuck watching this mess.

Off to see the cell-phone movie. Talk soon.