Dangerous Business

As Someone Else’s Movie rolls into its second year, I get to release an episode that throws some love to a movie that almost never gets any: Ishtar.

Elaine May’s 1987 espionage comedy that is remembered today — if it’s remembered at all — as one of the biggest flops Hollywood ever produced, an expensive turkey that “wasted” the expensive talents of Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman.

The thing is, Ishtar is far stranger than its reputation might have you believe, as well as much more charming, and journalist-turned-filmmaker Aaron Hillis has his defense all worked out. We also spend a little time talking about the role video stores play in the rediscovery of misunderstood films, which is understandable since we recorded this episode inside Aaron’s very own shop.

You know where to go, right? iTunesStitcherthe show’s own website? Sure you do. It’s a good one, please enjoy.

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