Damit Geschehen Worden

Well, he did make 'The Rose King'I’m a pretty amiable person. I appreciate being invited to things. Which is how I ended up watching Ingrid Caven serenade Werner Schroeter at the Gartenbaukino last night. That was something.

Caven — who was Mrs. Rainer Werner Fassbinder, once upon a time, and appeared in several of his key films — is 70 years old now, though from where I was sitting she seemed at least twenty years younger. And her musical stylings were rather spectacular, in that Madeleine Kahn-in-“Blazing Saddles” kind of way.

(She’s doing a full performance tonight, of which the Viennale writes: “The concert promises to become a roller coaster ride of feelings and tones.” And yes, I imagine it does.)

Of course, before Caven could perform, Schroeter had to sit through over an hour of tributes from friends and colleagues — all in German — which he kept interrupting with muttered asides and the strangely formal compulsion to present every one of the speakers with a rose from a large vase set in the middle of the stage.

I don’t think the set designers had intended him to harvest the prop, exactly, but the audience seemed to enjoy it.

More screenings today — three, I think, with the possibility of squeezing in a fourth at the last minute. I’m also planning to catch Mark in conversation with Miguel Gomes this afternoon — I doubt anyone will be handing out roses, but it should be an interesting talk.

4 thoughts on “Damit Geschehen Worden”

  1. The article you wrote for msn about some of the greatest horror movies of all time is idiotic, i can sit down and watch every one of those movies (excluding the fourth texas chainsaw) and love every single bit of it. Suck a dick douchebag.

  2. Y’see…that’s the glory of a web-based forum. One person’s discussing Fassbinder and Ingrid Caven and those droll Teutonic types, another’s defending Texas Chainsaws one through three while recommending fellatio in place of civil discourse.

    Maybe ‘glory’ is too broad a term.

  3. Yeah, that’s weird. I hadn’t even linked to that piece yet, which means he either Googled me after reading it and took the time to comment on an unrelated post … yeah, who’s the douchebag now, douchebag?

    Hang on a second … he wasn’t really trying to argue that “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2”, “Friday the 13th Part VII” and “Halloween VI” are some of the greatest horror movies of all time, was he? Because that’s just idiotic.

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