Course Corrections

Hey, did someone just buy a ticket?Audiences went to see a decent movie this weekend, driving “30 Days of Night” to the top of the
box-office charts
. Hooray for vampire movies!

Also encouraging: “Michael Clayton” and “Gone Baby Gone” placed fourth and fifth, with “We Own the Night” coming in seventh, demonstrating the audience for intelligent, adult filmmaking is still out there, and broad enough to support more than one picture at a time. (And “Things We Lost in the Fire” failed to crack the top ten, suggesting that said audience is able to detect crap at a distance.)

On the other hand, Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married?” and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s “The Game Plan” are still going strong in the number two and three slots, respectively, so it’s not all good news. But “The Comebacks”, which is horrible, barely made an impact in its opening weekend, came in sixth.

So basically, I’m good. How are you?