All I'm saying is, let's play along until they give us lasersIn the wake of the “Dark Knight” media frenzy — to which I’ve contributed, obviously, but that’s the inevitable trade-off of my gig — it’s easy to forget that there are other movies opening this weekend.

Like “Mamma Mia!”, say, which I was all hepped up to see until I saw that clip of Pierce Brosnan singing. Brrrrr. Now I think I have to wait for the DVD, where I’ll have absolute control of the volume.

Also opening this week:

Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson“: Alex Gibney’s hagiography does its best to celebrate the drug-addled, freak-flag-flying mythology the author constructed around his brilliant surge of reportage in the late 1960s and early 1970s — but falls into the same self-deluding trap that claimed Thompson himself.

“A Jihad for Love”: The Inside Out festival ramped up while I was off at Cannes, so I missed quite a few of its films — including this documentary about gay Muslims trying to reconcile their religious beliefs with their personal realities. Susan likes it, though.

“Space Chimps”: They’re chimps! In space! What more could you want from a CG animated feature? Well, if you’re asking, I’d want it to be made by someone other than the people who gave us “Happily N’Ever After”. Adam explains.

Stuck“: In which “Re-Animator” director Stuart Gordon makes a triumphant return to icky satirical horror, and gives Mena Suvari her best role since “American Beauty” as a dull-witted nursing-home attendant out to cover up a career-threatening car accident by any means necessary.

And a new 35mm print of Godard’s “Vivre Sa Vie” is coming to the Bloor this week for a limited engagement, giving me fodder for my first weekly online movie column over at NOW Daily. Enjoy it — oh, and go see the movie, would you?